About us


From touring Scotland with the Dalai Lama, taking the World Peace Tartan to New York, to a chance encounter on 5th Avenue with Bill Cunningham, everything came into alignment for Gordon J. Millar. Drawing on his social media expertise and ability to connect people, he launched the transatlantic grassroots movement, Scot Street Style, which grew organically into the award-winning go-to destination for creative visionaries around the world, #Onward!


What we are

Ours is a grassroots, global community for change founded on the spirited imagination of our growing community of creative influencers and shapers.
Our purpose is to reinvigorate the perceptions of Scotland into the future.
Continually capturing the essence of what it means to be Scottish in the 21st Century.
We’re a movement based on shared values of positivity, inclusivity, confidence and graft for Scotland.
We’re a close to the ground, energetic network of social and commercial influence, swaying popular perceptions of our nation into the future, in a more positive direction.


Who we are

Gordon Millar
Founder & Creative Director

Gordon has a background in building peace and environmental social media communities, including working with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Arun Gandhi. He won The Herald Fashion Award for ‘Best Fashion Twitterati’ 2014.
Karla Andrews
PR & Events Manager

Karla has nearly a decade worth of experience working in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle PR, marketing and event management industry. She has launched brands in Scotland such as Burberry, Cambridge Satchel Company, Swarovski, Kiehl’s and Pandora.